The Perfect Design Now Purifies
Dyson Pure Cool

In Hong Kong, and especially in the urban environments of the city where the pollution level often exceeds the regulated standard, those who suffer from physical symptoms caused by allergies are greatly impacted and heavily demands for air purifiers. The British manufacturer Dyson which is famous for their vacuum cleaners and fans recognized this demand and have just unveiled their blade-less air purifier fan Dyson Pure Cool for those in need. Using their signature blade-less style as the blueprint, this quiet, lightweight and safe to use design is able to filter out 99.95% of the air where even the ultra-fine dust particles at PM 0.1 are captured (in comparison to the PM 2.5 value offered by the current mainstream air purifiers in the market), offering amazing filtration performance.

The Dyson Pure Cool belongs to the Dyson Cool’s series and also uses the same patented double airflow Air Amplifier technology. Offering adjustable speeds from 1- 10, levels below 3 are perfect for winter usage and anything above 3 is great for purifying and to be used as a fan during summer. A group of 360-degrees high-performance HEPA glass filter is also injected on the bottom, with its air suction pathways redesigned to prevent wind from affecting its performance. Other than the cleaning ability of up to PM 0.1 as mentioned above, it can also filter out formaldehyde, benzene, pollen, bacteria, odor and other harmful substances. During the experiment Dyson did, the device only spent about 5 seconds to clear out a box of thick white smoke. If that was converted into a 150 square feet large room, it would take only 25 minutes to clean the space, and if that was converted into a larger 460 square feet living room, it would take an hour to complete the filtration process. Its filter can be used all day continuously for a whole year (calculated by a 12 hour day usage), and the replacement of the filter is very simple. Pure Cool was also accredited with the ‘Quiet Mark” by the Noise Abatement Society, so that one can still breath in fresh air during their sleep at night.

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