The Official GT Peripherals
Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro

The importance of having the right gaming peripherals for enhancing the overall experience and improving performance doesn’t need much explanation. With the arrival of Gran Turismo 7, sim racing hardware manufacturer Fanatec has launched a PS5 compatible direct drive steering wheel dedicated for the Gran Turismo series.

Fanatec’s Gran Turismo DD Pro is officially licensed by the gaming series, with legendary game designer Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital being involved in the development. The package includes steering wheel, wheel base, table clamp, pedals and power supply, meaning you can start racing right away.

The Direct Drive wheel base from Fanatec guarantees immediately force feedback effects favoured by most sim racing enthusiasts. Its internal components including a carbon fibre-reinforced steering axis are here to deliver optimal responsiveness and acceleration. Standard peak torque is 5 Nm, while adding the Boost Kit 180 sold separately will bring it to the full potential 8 Nm.

The main attraction of the Gran Turismo DD Pro package is definitely the steering wheel. Designed by Polyphony Digital, this is a true representation of what suits the game best in the eye of the gaming developer. Coming at 280 mm, the steering wheel features white OLED display and diffused RevLED strip that provide useful visual information while driving. The familiar PlayStation inputs, four 5-way directional sticks, tactile rubber grip on the wheel and ergonomic paddle shifters ensure accurate control at any moment. The pedal set offers smooth throttle and brake inputs thanks to the solid built from steel and Hall sensors.

The Gran Turismo DD Pro is PS5 compatible, but it works equally fine on PS4 and PC too. Priced at US$ 699.95, this is an investment that truly worth considering.