The Little Yellow Retro Car
LEGO® Fiat 500

Owning a luxury automobile could be really luxurious.  How about building one yourself?  Following the conspicuous models like Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle and even the vintage Ford Mustang, The Creator Expert series of LEGO recently introduced the new member of the series — Fiat 500, the most iconic model of this Italian car manufacturer.

This LEGO® Fiat 500 is tiny as compared to the real one, but not really that petite in size actually.  Measuring over 11cm high, 24cm long and 11cm wide, this buildable toy car boasts a distinctive retro pale yellow hue.  This toy should be manageable for both kidults and even teenagers as it is made with just 960 pieces of LEGO bricks; yet, it still carries lots of fine details that make it an adorable centerpiece.  The roof, doors, hood and tailgate can all be opened to show more details in the interior.  There is little suitcase which can be taken off from the luggage rack at the car rear.  A clear Fiat logo can even be found on the mini steering wheel.

While building your own Fiat 500 toy car, don’t forget to stay tuned for updates about the all-electric Fiat 500 which will be launched later this year.