The Legendary Engineer
Mauro Forghieri

After each race, the media’s attention usually focuses on the winning racer as he is the person seen behind the steering wheel crossing the finish line. Behind each triumphing scene, the team taking up various roles including team leader, technical director and more, is equally important in terms of leading to great results. In the history of motorsport, not many engineers receive the status and level of respect as Mauro Forghieri.

The legendary Italian just celebrated his 85th birthday this week. The fact that he was appointed as Technical Director of Scuderia Ferrari at the young age of 26 clearly demonstrated his talent. At a time when plenty of changes happening at Enzo Ferrari’s team, Forghieri stepped up and created a series of race cars in the 1960s and 1970s that marked the history. He was the one modifying the rear of the 250 GTO and bringing out the car’s potential as one of the classics. The formula 1 challengers designed by him, including Ferrari 158 and 312, leading to many World Championship titles.

The official Ferrari publication MIGLIA magazine features an interview with Forghieri in its second volume, visiting the engineer’s ancestral villa minutes away from Maranello and seeing the many mementos from his days with the Scuderia.