The King of Cool Returns
Steve McQueen in Le Mans Graphic Novel

Known as the “King of Cool”, actor Steve McQueen’s 1971 feature film Le Mans presented the exhausting 24-hour race through the eyes of the drivers and achieved extraordinary cult status by inspiring generations of motorsports fans over the last 45 years. In fact, the film moved an artist so much he spent the last three years putting together a stunning graphic novelization of the movie.

As Belgian illustrator Sandro Garbo tells it, McQueen visited his dreams one night and asked him to recreate Le Mans as a graphic novel. Garbo listened and now his illustrated adaptation titled Steve McQueen in Le Mans can be shared with the film’s legion of fans.

Garbo and his team of gifted artists-Florian Afflerbach, Jared Barel, Julien Dejeu, Thomas Lebeltel, Guillaume Lopez, and Pierre Ménard retell the film’s story bringing an incredible amount of detail (and a few newly-inspired camera angles) into every scene. The book’s grand size and each scene’s immersive content encourage the reader to linger over each of the novel’s 64 pages. From battling Porsche 917K and Ferrari 512S to reimagined character thoughts and dialogue, this beautiful piece of art brings McQueen’s classic story to life for the reader in a familiar and deeply engaging manner.