The Force is Strong with this One
Custom Stormtrooper Jeep Wrangler by Voltron


With the latest franchise of Star Wars, “Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” set to hit theatres on December 15, we expect this sure-to-be sci-fi classic to create another marketing storm. Apparently, Texas-based Voltron Motors sees that possibility as well. Looking to jump ahead of the crowd before the official movie merchandise rolls out, Voltron has introduced a custom Jeep Wrangler resembling a stormtrooper called “The Prestige Intimidator”. It joins other Voltron-restyled Wranglers including the Anvil and Full Metal Jacket.

The “Stormtrooper” edition Wrangler not only looks good but also updates the average run-of-the-galaxy Wrangler’s specifications; Voltron adds power-extending running boards and an optional power pack boosting the engine output by 60hp. Inside, the Intimidator sports diamond-stitched leather upholstery, seat heaters and coolers, as well as video displays behind the front-seat headrests.

Check out Voltron Motors‘ page for more details.

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