The Evolution of the Hairdryer
Dyson Supersonic

Dyson has shown that 2016 will be the year the manufacturer introduces evolution in a variety of industries. Following their latest launch of their air purifier, Dyson has decided to bring another fresh touch to everyday life by completely re-engineering the humble hair dryer. Introducing– the Dyson Supersonic.

Traditional hair dryers are usually bulky and noisy. Additionally, the high-temperature air blown out can easily damage the hair, and can even be a hazard, as the filter can trap and suck the hair inwards. In an attempt to overcome these problems, Dyson has incorporated their signature airflow output system into their new Supersonic hairdryer, along with an intelligent temperature control efficiently eliminates these drawbacks.

Dyson’s fresh take on the hair dryer starts with a miniaturized V9 digital motor small enough to be integrated into the handle, allowing the Supersonic to halve its weight and still maintain balance. Significantly, its smaller size permits a turning speed eight times faster than any other dryer. A microprocessor works with a glass bead thermistor to monitor the exit temperature 20 times every second so that heat is automatically reduced to protect hair when the duct is near the head. Benefitting from the Dyson Air Multiplier airflow multiplier patented technology, a variety of high-pressure air diffusers and styling nozzles can be fitted at a 20-degree angle through the ring gear. Last but not least, the nozzles feature Head Shield double-insulation, which injects fresh air to accelerate the cooling process, keeping it cool at all times. Together with the optimized silencer, the Dyson Supersonic achieves a perfect balance between quietness and its ability to quickly dry hair.

The Dyson Supersonic will launch this summer.