The Cyber Dragon
Apex AP-0

The name of Apex Motors may still sound unfamiliar to some people – it is a car manufacturer founded by two Hong Kong gentlemen and based in the UK.  Following the debut of their first supercar in 2019, Apex Motors has recently announced the concept of their second model, an all-electric supercar which will be released in coming 2 years.

Almost every electric concept boasts a futuristic appearance; yet this AP-0 does not only look cyber but also feature an extraordinary silhouette.  According to Guy Colborne, the British designer of Apex AP-0, they have actually taken the inspiration from the shape of dragon, an identity of the East as Apex is based in Hong Kong, to make this new car stand out from the others.

Another impressive uniqueness of this electric supercar is the weight.  EV are generally quite heavy thanks to the battery but AP-0 weighs only 2,645 lbs thanks to its monocoque carbon chassis.  It is even lighter than the track-focused vehicles from McLaren and Ferrari.  The 90 kWh battery produces up to 649 horsepower, and takes only 2.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h.  Top speed reaches 305km/h.  A single full-charge can support up to 515km.

Apex said this thrilling EV will be globally available for sale in 2022, and priced around £150,000.