The Appeal Of Black Paint
Black Paint Leica Photo and Camera Exhibitions

The increasing demand for Black paint Leica, as reflected by the the rising transaction prices in the market, suggests that a full set of black paint Leica camera, lens and accessories has become the dream of many Leica lovers. To showcase the appeal of black paint Leica to Hong Kong photography enthusiasts, Douglas So, Founder and Director of F11 Foto Museum and f22 foto space, is hosting the Black Paint Leica – Camera Exhibition and the Black Paint Leica – Photo Exhibition in F11 Foto Museum and f22 foto space respectively.

the Black Paint Leica – Camera Exhibition showcases over 100 pieces of black paint Leica cameras, lenses and accessories. The curated exhibition is the first and largest of its kind, and the curated items include a black paint Leica camera produced in 1925. The exhibition runs until 30 March 2019. Simultaneously, the Black Paint Leica – Photo Exhibition features detailed yet artistic images of black paint Leica taken by local photographer Bee Lau. Her first exhibition, running until 28 August, allows visitors to appreciate the black paint Leica items and their special features. The items featured in the exhibitions are all “residents” of Hong Kong, contributed by over 10 local collectors.

During the exhibition period, a photo collection titled Museum Leica by Lars Netopil, Leica Camera consultant and Vice President of Leica Historica e.V, will be available for sale at the venues. Douglas So has also specially written Black Paint Leica, a 400-page book that aims to serve as a useful reference to Leica lovers around the world.

Black Paint Leica – Camera Exhibition
F11 Foto Museum
Address: 11 Yuk Sau Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Exhibition period: From now until 30 March 2019
Tel: +852 6516 1122

Black Paint Leica – Photo Exhibition
f22 foto space
Address: 5th Floor, Amber Commercial Building, 70-74 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Exhibition period: From now until 28 August 2018
Tel: +852 9698 1122