The Art Of Upcycling
Voulté’s Ferrari Enzo mural made of golf tees

The team behind American company Voulté has 30 years in designing and building specialty vehicles and motor classics. Voulté has launched the Art and Design division for producing unique art pieces and furniture as well as designing  living spaces. Recently they have finished a mural of Ferrari Enzo, featuring approximately 144,000 golf tees.

The 11 x 8 feet pixelated mural is now situated in the garage of a private collector. It took Voulté five months to complete the work and it is not difficult to see why. The silhouette of Ferrari Enzo is accurately portrayed by the clever arrangement of standard golf tees in different colours. A total of 36 shades were used, among those there were 17 red, for creating the depth of the image, making the Ferrari Enzo popping out. Each of Voulté’s art piece is bespoke so it is up to the customer to decide the size or subject of each mural.

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