The Anti-Smart Phone
Punkt MP02

Take a look at the screen time report on your smartphone and you probably would be surprised by the amount of time spent staring on the tiny screen daily. Even though many of us handle daily task on smartphones, many hours are spent wasted on browsing random feeds and pages. Perhaps the habit can only be changed by switching to a low tech phone that sticks to the basic function, and Punkt MP02 could be a good alternative.

Punkt MP02 looks almost identical to the first generation Punkt MP01 that runs on 2G only, however, the new monochromatic phone does offer slightly more features. For example, it’s LTE connection can be shared with a tablet/laptop via hotspot, meaning you can still connect to the internet when it is necessary. The screen is protected with Gorilla glass and the case is made for glass-fibre for maximum durability. Other than making voice calls and texting, it has some standard functions such as notes, reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, world clock, calculator and calendar. Additionally, earphones can be paired to the phone via Bluetooth. One of its most attractive features would be its long battery life, which allows 12.5 days of standby time maximum.