Thar She Blows
Vagabund V07 "The Whale"

Vagabund Moto is headed designer Paul Brauchart and mechanical engineer Philipp Rabl and is based in Graz, Austria. In only two years the have built some seriously state of the art motorbike reconstructions with updated aesthetics, performance and usability. Their latest and seventh project is the V07, which the team nicknamed the “The Whale”; a stripped-down 1993 BMW R100R.

The original body has been replaced by a hand-shaped monocoque tank and seat unit that does bear a passing resemblance to a whale. The new front mudguard and headlight nacelle were crafted from aluminium, and on top of the tank there is a black acrylic panel hosting the Motogadget digital speedo. The entire body can be lifted up with a gas-shock-powered hinge. Underneath the body lies a handmade leather valet tray with matching lighter, Leatherman tool and wallet, all safely fixed with leather strap. The original bulky battery was replaced with a compact lithium-ion battery. Vagabund also took out 70 mm from the front forks and added a YSS shock at the back for balance. Other changes include modified spokes with black wheel rims, new handlebars, 3D printed switches, a taillight built into the seat, Motogadget turn signals and a side-exiting silencer for the exhaust.

The overall style is just on point and it is very difficult not to like this bike.