Testing For Production
Bugatti Bolide

Bugatti has created plenty of ultra-desirable machines over its lifespan, but the upcoming Bolide might just be the most desirable of them all.

First unveiled as a concept in late 2020, Bugatti confirmed that the track-only Bolide hyper sports car would see limited production back in 2021, and finally, we’re now able to see the latest prototype in full as it enters its next phase of development testing. The Bolide has minimal bodywork that’s more akin to an LMP1 race car than the ultra-luxurious hypercars the company is known for. The carbon fibre exterior of the prototype isn’t far removed from the original concept car, keeping many distinctive elements such as the shark fin, roof scoop, massive rear wing, and signature X-shaped headlights.

Powered by Bugatti’s eight-litre quad-turbo W16 engine boasting 1,578 hp and 1,600 Nm, and with a 1,450 kg dry weight, the Bolide has an exceptional weight-to-power-ratio. While a quad-turbo W16 engine may sound familiar in Bugatti terms, the Bolide’s newly shaped carbon monocoque means that numerous components including the cooling, transmission, and suspension have to be re-engineered. Even the brakes are newly designed and use a more heat-resistant carbon-carbon construction instead of carbon ceramic.

Only 40 examples of Bugatti Bolide will be built for production globally. Each will have a price tag of 4 million euros, with first deliveries to begin in 2024.