Technology for Outdoor Challenges
Mammut Ducan Footwear and Ducan Spine Backpack

If you’re serious about a hiking, there are quite a few things on the to-bring list that you shouldn’t miss.  But that could definitely make your backpack heavier which may affect the overall pleasure of your journey.  Thus, a functional and supportive backpack is essential.  Many outdoor gear brands have been exploring technologies for their backpack design; the Ducan Spine Backpack from Mammut, the Swiss outdoor brand, is a good example recently.

A natural walking involves movement of the entire body; but a fully-loaded backpack could hinder the natural movement making every step of your hiking harder.  The exclusive and innovative Active Spine Technology™ applied to the Ducan Spine Backpack is there for unleashing the spine for maximum movement even with the backpack.  Such technology developed by the brand helps evenly distribute the weight of backpack to the body while walking and the effect is more noticeable on steep ascents.  Besides being supportive, this backpack is “caring” too.  There are some pockets at sides designed for quick and easy access while walking; as well as the mesh pockets on shoulder straps on unisex version, and a fold-out pocket for cell phone on hip belt.

Of course, a pair of professional footwear is the same necessary for an enjoyable journey.  The Ducan Footwear Collection carries two exclusive technologies from the brand for optimal functionality – the Georganic 3D technology for natural movement of foot, and the Flextron Technology™ uses a spring-steel midsole for lessening pressure on foot arch, for ensuring anatomically correct foot position and posture.  Every step is now easier and more comfortable.  To add a little more fun to your hiking, more vibrant and fashionable colours are available this season.