Tag For The Future
RIMOWA Electronic Tag

To shorten our waiting time, many of us use the self-check-in option online before physically heading to the airport. However, we still need to make time for baggage check-in by on-site airport staff. In an era where every second counts, German luggage manufacturer RIMOWA, has released their latest electronic smart label tag. The tag enables users to register their luggage through an exclusive smartphone app, which sends the relevant information to the electronic tag via Bluetooth. Serving the same purpose as the traditional hand-rolled stickers, users can just drop their luggage off at the airport counter and head straight for their flight.

RIMOWA’S Electronic Tag, is predominately made with E-Ink display technology. Regardless if the weather is humid, hot, cold, or if your luggage receives a harsh impact, the relevant information for the luggage case is not affected. Neither will it fade like traditional paper, thus substantially reducing the chance of losing your luggage. The electronic paper runs with a bi-stable circuit memory feature, only needing a connection to a power source when the content needs changing. In the case of power failure, the last display of information will be maintained on the screen. With a long-lasting standby screen, it is very energy and environmentally friendly. Currently, Electronic Tag is only honored by Lufthansa, though hopefully, it will be accepted worldwide soon.