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Full-Size LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1

A full-size LEGO model of Ferrari’s limited-edition open-top supercar, the Monza SP1, has arrived at the original LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark. This is part of the new Ferrari Build and Race attraction recently opened in the amusement park in mid-May.

The LEGO Monza SP1 is made up of 383,610 bricks and built around a steel frame, with the whole model car weighing in at 2,954 lbs — not far off the real thing. A total of 1,414 man-hours were required to put it together. Taking a closer look at the 1:1 LEGO model, you can see a few elements are not made of bricks, including the Prancing Horse badges on the exterior, the wheels, Pirelli tyres, and the carbon-fibre steering wheel inside the cockpit.

The Ferrari Build and Race attraction is about more than the LEGO Monza SP1. Visitors can also build their own Ferrari car with LEGO bricks, have it digitally scanned, and then roll it out onto a virtual race track based on Ferrari’s own Fiorano testing and development track in Italy. There are also physical test tracks with obstacles for young enthusiasts to enjoy with their LEGO Ferrari racing car, plus a display of fun facts to learn.

The collaboration between Ferrari and LEGOLAND began last year, with the Ferrari Build and Race attraction first appearing in LEGOLAND California in May 2022. The concept will also be brought to the Windsor amusement park in Britain later this summer.