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Mophie juice pack wireless

It’s easy to believe that with their current human resources and financial power, Apple could have produced wireless charging technology for iPhone long ago. Apple’s hesitancy stems from their belief that all “wireless charging” methods are faulty (since the wireless charging pad still must be plugged in). According to their recent technical patent, Apple’s solution is to efficiently charge devices within the range of 1 meter utilising near-field magnetic force. Once augmented in an iMac, then the mouse, keyboard, an iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch could be charged wirelessly.

Until that happens we still need other manufacturers to fulfil the dream of wireless iPhone charging. Mophie is one company that has always provided innovative battery products. Their recently released juice pack wireless protective shell steps up with another type of wireless charging solution. Supporting Qi, Powermat PMA and other mainstream standards, the shell can be charged wirelessly by being placed on the top of the complimentary charging pad. (Of course, the charging pad still needs to be plugged in, and the wireless charging time is relatively longer.) The protective case uses its internal 1,560mAh / 2,420mAh battery, to provide an extra 50% power to the iPhone 6/ 6s or iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus. The juice pack wireless is very convenient to carry compared to other external battery packs. And since the user does not need to bring an extra cable, it’s a perfect solution. More importantly, the juice pack wireless is certified as “Made for iPhone”, so it’s safe and reliable.

rePrice:$898(iPhone 6 / 6s)/ $1,048(iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus)
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