Submerge Yourself In Art
teamLab Borderless

Finally, the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless that we mentioned before landed in Odaiba, Tokyo. This three-dimensional space is created by 470 projectors and 520 computers, and just like the name has suggested, teamLab hopes to build a borderless world through art, no matter if it means between people, between art or between and individual and art. In this space, we can explore and experience art by our body, interacting with colourful light and shadow.

There are five zones in total, which are Athletics Forest, Borderless World, The Forest of Lamps, Future Park and EN TEA HOUSE. In Athletics Forest, there are glittering stones for people to do climbing, as well as glowing substances floating in a huge room, you can try to push them to appreciate their changing colours. For Borderless World and The Forest of Lamps, they are composed by different elements of nature, and present you a whole new world with various of lights. If you are visiting the museum with kids, then you must bring them to Future Park, as they would turn what they drew and pained into something real. Or if you are tired, you can simpley take a good rest at EN TEA HOUSE, seeing the flowers in your tea cup blooming. In this museum with no instructions of how you should explore, just follow your instinct and wander around.