Stylish Military Off-road
Polaris Defense Turbo Diesel MRZR-D

Life is full of things we are destined not to own but only to gaze upon and dream.

This cruel truth is apparent with the newly announced MRZR Turbo Diesel (MRZR-D), a high-performance off-road vehicle developed by Polaris Defense, a division of Polaris Industries, strictly for military use. Just like all other vehicles in the MRZR lineup, it features the same power plant, payload, towing, ground clearance, accessories, and handling, but has updated occupant seating space, ergonomics, and sightlines. It is offered in various seating configurations of between two and six with increased auxiliary power for greater range than the older models. It’s also air liftable by the V22 Osprey helicopter.

The MRZR-D worldwide debut will be at the 2016 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida at the end of this month, so please keep an eye out for it if you feel like dreaming about the unattainable.