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Dyson Supersonic Nickel Black & Professional Edition

The Dyson Supersonic introduces revolutionary standards in hairdryers with its small yet powerful Air Multiplier patented technology and intelligent temperature control. Together with the launch of the Black/Nickel colourway, the manufacturer is also bringing the Professional Edition to local hair stylists. For this professional tool, Dyson engineers have incorporated quite a few improvements after communicating with hair stylists from all over the world.

Firstly, Dyson has increased the strength of the magnetic attachments for the Professional Edition, making the connection two times stronger and avoiding accidental falls. The number of blades of the motor’s impeller has been increased from 11 to 13, which changes the pitch of the motor to an inaudible frequency, allowing effortless communication with the client during styling. The new, wider airflow is more precise for efficient styling, while the temperature is regulated to prevent overheating. The improved filter is magnetic, removable and washable for salon use, with a filter cleaning brush included for easier maintenance. Other improvements include a hand sprayed colourway that is less prone to scratches, a reengineered shape with matte finish for more comfortable usage, a longer cable at 3.3 metres, an extended 2-year warranty and more, making sure it can serve as the best tool for professional hair stylists.

While the functions of the stylish Black/Nickel Supersonic are same as the previous versions, those who prefer a more low key appearance would favour the matte black hairdryer and attachments. The Black/Nickel version is now available on the Dyson Online Store. The Professional Edition is available to hair stylists only and more details can be obtained via email.

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