Stylish All-In-One
Point Line vinyl record speaker

Even though streaming services offer far more convenience in terms of access to music, audiophiles know that there’s no substitute for listening to the original vinyl record. While the purists go for the comprehensive experience of a turntable, tube amplifier and hi-end speakers, for others, a vinyl player with built-in speaker would probably suffice, due to its simplicity and portability. The contemporary looking Point Line concept might be that ideal option if it ever becomes available.

The all-in-one concept features a speaker hidden in a perforated metal cube, with the lower portion of the cube featuring an asymmetrical cutout — where the turntable is placed. All controls are located at the top corner for ergonomics, and judging by the size of the Point Line we presume the speaker will be of a quality build. All-in-all, this beautiful concept is something that we would like to see come to life and make itself available on the market.

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