Stay Closely Together
Flesh Love All by Photographer Hal

The Vacuum Challenge was going viral a few months ago and we have seen plenty of individuals uploading videos of themselves sitting inside a plastic bag while it is being vacuumed and the person’s movement is constrained.  Wrapping people in vacuumed plastic bags is not something new though, as Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi, also known as Photographer Hal, has a series titled “Flesh Love” started back in 2011 which he took photos of vacuum-sealed couples. His recent work “Flesh Love All” brings this specific art form to the next level as he vacuum-seals not just couples, but families together with their house and belongings.

Photographer Hal explains he wants to express love through his work. In the latest project, the vacuum-sealing represents the love that brings all things together and it spreads the link of love outward and across various communities. The whole landscape is vacuum-packed to create an image of everything in the world exists as one.

As imagined, it’s not an easy task to seal such a large area with a house and car on top. So far Photographer Hal has taken five images in three years and he would like to get ten photos before exhibiting the series. Many time has been spent on location planning and putting plastic sheets over the objects. As for the families, people can only stay inside vacuumed plastic for 10 seconds before things getting dangerous so he has to grasp the moment for each of these photos.