Sprinting on Pikes Peak
Honda’s new NSX racers and EV concept

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) and Honda has been a vivid sponsor and sent various vehicles to the different entries for the past few years. This year there is no reception. James and Nick Robinson, brothers from the Honda R&D, will participate in the Time Attack Division. Time Attack 1 Class feature production based race vehicles with more modifications and specialisations such as changes in powertrain and suspension, while only minor modifications are allowed in Time Attack 2 Production Class. Honda has yet to announce the details of the two vehicles but we would expect a lot of power for this year’s Race to the Clouds.

Tetsuya Yamano, the Japanese Super GT driver, will be the pilot of the brand new EV. The 2016 CR-Z will be similar to the one in the 2015 CR-Z Exhibition Class entry, but it will move to the Electric Modified Class and Honda has high hope for it to be the champion. Another spotlight will be focused on Keith Steidl. The engineer from the Honda’s Powersports division will ride a 2015 TRX1000 ATV in the Pikes Peak Challenge – Exhibition Powersport class.