Speakers built For The Wild
Durable speakers by Roamproof

Sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds to carry Bluetooth speakers with you on a hike through the countryside. Sometimes you’ve got to tackle a rocky route, climb over a cliff or walk through a stream. If you love getting close to nature while enjoying music all the way through, these two speakers from Roamproof may be your new best companion.

Designed by Roamproof and currently available on Kickstarter, the two speakers Gigaboom and Marco.II are specially developed for outdoor usage. The speakers are extremely solid and have passed the in-house 4,000 lbs load bearing requirement and 100 m drop test requirement. The Gigaboom is constructed with a double-shot injected FULL TPU from body to core for extra strength. It is powered by two 25 W Ti amplifiers and features two 2.75-inch subwoofers, two 1-inch tweeters and two 3.6-inch passive deep bass radiators. The speaker has 20 hours of playtime.

The Marco.II is smaller in size with 15 hours of playtime and features two 2” full range drivers and two passive deep bass radiators. Both speakers are well suited for outdoor environments as they are waterproof, dustproof and crushproof, while the Gigaboom additionally has a torch/signal light on the side of the speaker which is good for general lighting and emergencies.