Space Objects in New Perspective
'NASA - Past and Present Dreams of the Future' by Benedict Redgrove

As automotive enthusiasts, we have all seen the amazing images created by British photographer Benedict Redgrove, such as the special Robocar one-off livery project, or the mesmeric official photos of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Commissioned photography works aside, Redgrove is obsessed with space, and his dream of going into space is now replaced by shooting NASA space objects.

NASA – Past and Present Dreams of the Future is the title of Redgrove’s forthcoming book featuring over  200 images of NASA’s most iconic objects. He spent the first four years of the nine-year building connection and trust with NASA, organising and producing, while the resent five years shooting objects and NASA sites that not many have access to. Some of these objects are often seen such as spacesuits and helmets, some are trivia, like the stamps that marked all of Neil Armstrong and other astronauts’ items. One thing in common is they are all presented in a way showing the emotional impact of these objects. “I wanted to explore the reaction we have to these machines and objects when we see them in fine detail,” Redgrove says, “and what they mean to us as human beings.”

Redgrove has decided to self-publish his book to make sure his vision is executed as he wishes. The project is now listed on Kickstarter and will run until 19 August.