Sooner Than Imagined
Bell Nexus air taxi concept

Bell Helicopter has unveiled the full-scale design model of its Nexus air taxi at CES 2019. There are many flying cars with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) on the market currently. However, many abilities are only demonstrated on renderings, but not many have progressed to the stage of showing a real-size model unlike the interesting concept from Bell Helicopter.

Bell Nexus is powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system. It still bears the shape of a helicopter, but instead of having rotor blades at the top, it features six tilting ducted fans scattering around the body. The interior of the air taxi is cool yet functional. It allows for a capacity for five persons including the pilot.

This project is a promising one with a positive outlook of materialising based on the fact that Texas-based Bell is one of Uber’s shortlisted partners for its air taxi service. Uber Air is targeted to demonstrate flights in 2020 and operate commercially in Dallas and Los Angeles in 2023. Flying cars in sci-fi movies maybe happening sooner than we could all imagine.

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