Digitise Your Blackstar Vinyl
Sony PS-HX500

In recent years the audio industry has returned to its roots, where vinyl singles are booming back in fashion reaching new levels of popularity as we speak. Unfortunately, if you want to enjoy vinyl quality music on the street, you can’t exactly carry an entire turntable out with you. Thankfully, Sony may just have the solution for your mobile vinyl music requirements by releasing a new format conversion function, the PS-HX500 model turntable at the recent CES Electronics Show.

The focus is on the built-in A/D digital converter, in which the user can easily transcribe songs from the vinyl directly into the highest 5.6MHz (DSD128) or 24bit/ 192kHz WAV high quality files by downloading the Hi-Res Audio Recorder software. Apart from this, the all-black, minimal appearance of the components place it high on the desirability charts. The model is integrated with an exclusively developed shell type straight tonearm and a double-speed belt drive system, matched with the MM moving magnet phono embedded in the middle of the arm. The high-inertia aluminium die cast platter and the 5mm thin rubber mat allows the stereo track to remain stable over a long period of time and it also makes the conversion of songs more stable, greatly reducing any needle jumps caused by scratches on the record. The product is expected to be officially launched in April.