Solid Protection
Icon Variant Pro Construct

Wearing helmet when riding a motorcycle is unavoidable as it is required by laws. However, helmets nowadays not just offer protection that riders really need, manufacturers has also paid more attention on its appearance. The lightweight Icon Variant Pro Construct helmet is something that ticks all the boxes.

The exterior of the helmet is executed in a mashup of fibreglass, Dyneema and carbon. The shell is wind tunnel-refined to ensure its solidity a first line of defence. It looks pretty aggressive thanks to the bare-it-all style showing the textures of the hand-laid composite shell, while the fog-free Variant Pro Precision Optics shield paired with a reshaped eyeport. The new setup increases peripheral vision and produces distortion-free line of sight for best focus on the road. The helmet features eight air intakes and two exhaust ports  with deep channeling in the interior energy absorbing EPS foam for the best venting. Then there is the five-piece sweat wicking Hydradry liner plus extra padding components for providing the 27 fitment combinations for different head shapes.