Smart Interior
Canatu aims to make all cabin surfaces smart

How far should a car’s interior catch up to our home’s “smart” interiors? Finnish company Canatu believes that in the very near future, the cabin’s surfaces should double as smart surfaces – fortunately, something they seem to be very proficient at. 

Established 14 years ago, Canatu has offered solutions to quite a number of automakers, although due to the obvious supplier agreements it is not a list the company can disclose to the general public – considering some of these projects are still under development. Yet there was one particular project that put Canatu on the map in the industry – a concept door panel for Daimler in collaboration with Faurecia last year. The aforementioned panel appears black when idle and blends in well with the overall interior motif, but is discreetly integrated with thermoformed touch sensor displays and window/seat adjustment controls.

Canatu’s proprietary, highly flexible Carbon nanoBud material is their secret weapon in bringing their innovative vehicle interior technology to the next level. Together with other solutions such as touch functions on leather surfaces, fog and ice resistant Lidar sensors and the award-winning touchscreens with 3D touch surface technology, the company is ready to take the automotive industry on a one-way blast down the innovation super highway.