Slide by Nendo
A strong visual impact.

Whether you have a love for the design of furnitures, stationaries, utensils, interiors or even storefronts, you most probably would have heard of the name Nendo. A design firm established by Sato in 2002, Nendo has grown impeccably in the last 15 years, opening offices in Tokyo, Singapore and Milan, as well as becoming a long-term winner at the “JCD Design Award” and the “Good Design Award” just to name a few.

This is the results of their daily accumulated inspirations, where Nendo has successfully achieved distinctively different design products, making themselves a prolific example in the field. In 2014 alone, they have completed 45 different projects and collaborated with 20 different companies. The slide series we see here is one of their most recent creations for Glas Italia.

Slide” includes two sets of shelves, two sets of coffee table and a set of counter-style long table. All created with glass and covered with a black glass surface on each of the shelvings, a strong visual impact is successfully created. Throughout the entire set of design though, the emphasis still falls upon that black glass surface which looks like it is about to slip, fall and crumble to the ground.

According to Nendo, the “Slide” series emphasize on the technology of glass bonding. Take the shelves as an example, with its sliding black glass surface which leans only slightly against the minute space on the transparent glass beneath, creating this sliding effect for the black glass surface. Their coffee table set also uses a similar concept where the interiors of the coffee table is painted white to induce a strong visual contrast. In conclusion, this set of “Slide” is a technical challenge and a visually interesting set of design, where from the most simple concept a surprising result has been derived.