Sixties’ Cool
Mini Cooper ‘Cafe Racer’ Custom

The 1960’s Cafe Racer culture left a lasting legacy. In those days youngsters in Europe were racing from green light to red light on speedy, lightweight motorbikes, and the two founders of Lisbon’s vintage car tuner brand Cool & Vintage (both named Ricardo), were clearly influenced by it. They planned to build two hardcore yet very usable Minis with identical technical specifications so they could race against each other on the streets of Lisbon.

Presented here is their first completed model for the twins, the ‘Cafe Racer’ custom. The 1968 Mini Cooper 1000A received a 1300cc engine from English company Broadspeed to replace the original 988cc unit. The Mini’s other specifications were upgraded as well, with new front and rear Cooper S brakes, matching Cooper S black wheels and an RC40 exhaust with an LCB manifold. To complete the “Cafe Racer” look, Gaz adjustable shocks and A-rods, as well as John Alley sway bar were installed for better handling to go along with a period racing driver’s seat, reverse light, Lucas 700 beams in the front and racing stickers. The one-of-a-kind custom model is priced at 26,500 Euros.