Single-Seat Supercar
Racer Fourteen concept

Mention single-seater supercars, and it’s probably the BAC Mono that comes to mind. There’s more than just the BAC out there, though; Automotive designer Ahmed Ghamloush has come up with a single-seat concept simply named Racer Fourteen.

The concept features a central driving position and a futuristic body style with brushed metallic material. The car is extremely low, especially in the frontal area where the body seems to melt down towards the road. Racer Fourteen features prominent carbon splitters front and rear, as well sideskirts.

Side mirrors are replaced with cameras and there is an extra camera at the back of the car too. In a closeup shot of the interior we can see that Ghamloush has interestingly used natural wood to form part of the dash area, a great contrast to the modern race seat with harness sitting just behind it.