Signature Sounds Recreated
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Capcom Series

Swedish consumer electronics company Teenage Engineering has created plenty of unique products treasured by those who love sound, music, design, and small gadgets. Among all the items the company has developed – mostly electronics and synthesisers – the OP-1 is perhaps the most acclaimed, while the Pocket Operators also have a decent fan base. Now Teenage Engineering has announced a crossover project with video game developer Capcom to launch two new themed pocket operators.

Available now is the PO-133 Street Fighter pocket operator; based on the popular PO–33 K.O.! micro sampler, it has a 40-second sample memory and built-in microphone for instant sampling. What’s unique to this special edition is the 16 Street Fighter soundtracks and animations from the original arcade game. The case is also decorated with the logo of the game on both the front and back.

The PO-128 Mega Man pocket operator will be launched later on 2 December. The 8-bit synthesiser and sequencer is based on the PO-28 robot and makes live and sequenced melodies and bass lines. It comes with parameter locks, glide control, and punch-in effects, as well as 16 soundtracks from the Capcom game. Check out the product page to listen to the demo clip of both pocket operators.