Sharing The Same Details
Bentley Centenary golf club set

Bentley has extended their 100th anniversary celebration outside automotive and created a set of Bentley Golf Clubs.

Limited to just 100 sets, these golf clubs take design cue from the latest Bentley Continental GT and share the same luxurious details. With distinctive diamond knurling on the club grips and haunch styling-line referencing the car’ exterior. Bentley’s Centenary Gold, an element appears on every car built in this special year, also finds its way onto the golf clubs. Another interesting tribute can be found on the wood heads and grip end caps, this time to the Le Mans winning EXP Speed 8 race car and its unique wheel centre caps. Built with the same familiar materials such as carbon-fibre, titanium and aluminium for solidity and performance, the clubs are stored inside matching bag and head covers made from carbon fibre panels containing the same Centenary Gold detailing.