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LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3

We love it when LEGO releases brick sets of incredible dream cars under the sophisticated Technic line because it means a close resemblance to the inspiration is guaranteed. This time around, LEGO has collaborated with Ferrari to create a stunning replica of the limited-edition Daytona SP3 supercar.

With the Italian marque’s design team working together with LEGO, the Daytona SP3’s elegant design and sleek aerodynamics have all been nicely captured in this 1:8 scale model in classic Rosso Corsa. Opening the butterfly doors, you can see the functioning 8-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifter, as well as the prancing horse-adorned steering wheel. Under the engine cover hides a V12 with moving pistons, and there’s even a unique serial number to go with each kit. Comprising 3,778 pieces, the model measures 59cm long, 25cm wide, and 14cm high when fully built.

The LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 set is available from 1 June and is priced at US$399.99. LEGO is also releasing a 240-page coffee table book on the same day, detailing the meticulous development process of the project. The LEGO Technic Daytona SP3, The Sense of Perfection is limited to 5,000 copies only and is priced at US$79.99.