Seventies Inspiration
New Balance Fashion Walk concept store

New Balance has opened a concept store at Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay that features a “retro-futurism” theme, inspired by its latest XC-72 model. The spacious store uses a muted light grey as its background, with plenty of furniture and decor made from recycled timber. All the woodwork was specially crafted by local street art and creative group Start From Zero, using different types of wood to create collages and a general retro aesthetic.

To celebrate the launch of the concept store, New Balance has teamed up with upcycling fashion unit FashionClinic by T for an in-store exhibition. Designer TobyCrispy has been collecting different materials that could be useful for upcycling projects since 2016, and for the “XC-72 Retro-Futurism” exhibition, she combined two concert outfits from singer Candy Lo with New Balance products to create two new pieces, showcasing the concept of sustainability through three-dimensional tailoring.

With the new store, of course, comes a new drop. Two new colourways of the XC-72 will hit the Fashion Walk concept store in October, while the three colourways launched in early September are available right now. The XC-72 borrows elements from classic New Balance running models of the 1970s. It’s also inspired by concept car design of the decade, which is reflected on the shoe’s squared toe shape. The distinctive outsole is split vertically and has three different traction patterns. The multi-coloured upper is equally exciting, featuring a mashup of nylon, suede, and leather in different shades.