SEH Kelly at Vitsœ London
An Unassuming Wardrobe

“The first mark is a tragedy, the second a shame, the third is patina,” — Neil Vitsœ

Referring to the marks – and character – a well-used object takes on over time. It’s only fitting then, that the furniture institution recently partnered with S.E.H. Kelly, a brand specializing in the type of clothing that only gets better with age. Titled “ An unassuming wardrobe,” SEH Kelly’s recently-opened temporary showroom at Vitsœ’s West London shop told the “story of Hebridean mills, the revived art of horn buttons and the virtues of making in Britain.”

Putting Vitsœ’s growing furniture collection to good use, the shop-in-shop showcased a selection of button-downs, notch-tops, trenches, trousers and crews of the finest materials — including lambswool from Manx and Portland sheep, sand-cast buckles, lost-wax method brass buttons and others from Scandinavian cows and deer, and cashmere-lined gloves. The still-life display, in other words, is as good a chance as any to take a peek at Vitsœ’s wonderful modular systems in action, along with some of Britain’s finest threads.