See Through It
'CutUp' by Fabian Oefner

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner is keen on taking things apart. We’ve seen his Disintegrating series which he photographed disassembled models of iconic cars as if they have exploded. It is his latest series CutUp, the subject and method might have changed, but the impact remains the same.

CutUp is a series of still and video cameras that are sliced, rearranged and distorted into a new form. Encapsulated in resin, these objects will stay in their current state forever. Each object was preserved in resin under vacuum and pressure chambers, sliced apart using an old archaic band saw, polished, then embedded in resin again to form the final shape of the sculpture.

Oefner explained that in photography, it is often to regard the image captured as the “art” while the camera itself as merely a tool. In CutUp, each tool is transformed into a piece of art Through deconstructing the technology of image capturing, the beauty underneath the surface of these objects are finally revealed.


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