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Romotow camper trailer

Recently we introduced a few camper trailers and RVs and perhaps we should leave the subject on the side for a while, but it is difficult not to include just one more on the list when coming across Romotow.

The Romotow concept was first put together in 2012 by New Zealand architectural and interior design firm W2, and the first one is currently being built six year after. At a glance and when closed, the Romotow is similar to other camper trailers even though it has a more interesting shape, but at the push of the button the centre part of the 30 x 8.5 feet body moves forward and rotates to reveal the deck for more covered living space. The futuristic white exterior body shell is mode of advanced composite, while the chassis is made from carbon composite. On the vehicle there is a bedroom for two persons and extra two can sleep in the living area next to the kitchen, plus a few more could possibly rest on the deck with screens and awning. The company is accepting orders for this limited custom-built model.