Saluting to the Roaring Success
McLaren Elva with M1A Themed Design

McLaren has recently announced the reduce in production of its newest ultra-light windowless roadster from 399 to 249 units, making it long-waited model rarer; and only one tenth of this new model will carry a M1A themed design to pay homage to the glorious success of Bruce McLaren’s M1A back in 1964.  These 24 units of limited McLaren Elva is just invaluable.

Elva is the latest lineup of McLaren’s range-topping Ultimate Series of supercars.  The name is actually inspired from the record-breaking car in the 1960s.  Bruce McLaren drove the Elva M1A race car for the Canadian Sports Car Grand Prix and made the fastest lap for 7 times in that race, with 4 of them marked the new records.  Elva features a twin turbo-charged 4.0-liter V8 and a seven-speed automatic transmission.  This new supercar can run from still to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds thanks to the 804 hp output and 800 Nm torque.

The homage design is rather simple but absolutely spectacular.  On top of the glossy black paint is the silver accent from car bonnet to bottom part of sides, plus a thin red pinstripe as a highlight.  The big round number badges at rare sides carry the same number 4 as the winning race car back in 1964.

The selling price of Elva is around US$1.7 million, with the homage design package not yet taken into account.