Safety First
Ring Car Cam

Driving is unpredictable — you just never know what might happen every time you get behind the wheel. That’s why a dash cam is an essential piece of equipment for any driver, particularly if something does go wrong and there are insurance claims involved. Choosing the right dash cam that fits both your needs and your budget can be a daunting task given the endless options available, and that’s why sticking with a name you know and trust is a good way to go. One safe bet would be Ring — the ultra-popular home security camera manufacturer that shades itself under Amazon’s huge corporate umbrella — as it’s just extended its expertise into the dash cam field with the new Ring Car Cam.

The camera sports HD resolution and night vision for both front and back cameras, while the unique shape of the Car Cam means that the best filming angles can be achieved — it also has a cabin-facing camera that can be covered, which disables the on-board microphone at the same time. The dash cam uses sensors to identify key motion events in and around the vehicle. It remains vigilant even when the car is off, and will “wake up” to record when suspicious motion is detected and notifies the owner instantly via the Ring app.

Joining the Ring Protect Go subscription plan helps unlock the Car Cam’s full potential, which includes real-time GPS location, live view, two-way talk between people in the car and the app user, and notifications through adding LTE connectivity to the camera. Clips can be downloaded, shared, and stored via the cloud for up to 180 days. Currently, Protect Go only works within the U.S. but will hopefully be brought to other regions soon.