Reworked by McLaren F1 Designer
Dendrobium D-1 XP-2 electric hypercar concept

Peter Stevens, who designed McLaren F1, Jaguar XJR-15, Lotus Elan M100 as well as styling other remarkable vehicles like Lamborghini, BMW, Toyota, Subaru, Williams and more, has given the Dendrobium D-1 all-electric hypercar some “small but beneficial changes”, so much that the automaker is creating a new XP-2 version for it.

We first introduced the Dendrobium D-1 when it debuted at 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Back during the Singaporean Vanda Electrics was behind the project, but later a separate brand was created and now the hypercar is going to be built by the fully-British Dendrobium Automotive within the UK.

Dendrobium Automotive has not mentioned where exactly Stevens reworked on the design, but the wing mirrors of the now green hypercar are definitely new, and the front splitter looks slightly different too. The fully carbon fibre D1 XP-2 will weigh 1750 kg. Previously Dendrobium claimed the hypercar will have a powertrain developing 1825 hp and 2000 Nm, a 0-60 mph of just 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. It’s unclear if Stevens’ tweaks make any impact on these figures, he did say in a statement that, “My small changes to the D-1 to create the new XP-2 were inspired by improving airflow of the car, as well as visually enhancing the drama of this exceptional electric hypercar.”