Rework Of An Icon
Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge by Rolls-Royce Art Programme

British automaker Rolls-Royce has always been much more than a manufacturer of exclusive and exquisite vehicles. For example, it has a division dedicated to art programmes named Muse, which focuses on fostering and inspiring creativity via collaboration with artists from various fields. Muse has recently launched its second commissioning initiative “the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge”, inviting emerging designers to create special works inspired by the sculptural figurine of the same name gracing the bonnet of every Rolls-Royce.

As a biannual initiative, the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge celebrates tradition and innovation through varied mediums and related fields of practice. The selected medium for 2022 is textile, and designers nominated for the Challenge are creating a proposal relevant to their culture and heritage, as well as the local and global environment, sustainability, and technological impact.

The three finalists will be revealed in March this year, and their final works will be displayed via a global tour later this year. The jury panel responsible for this ultimate task includes Anders Warming – Director of Design of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Sumayya Vally – Principal of South African architectural practice Counterspace, Tim Marlow – Director and Chief Executive of the Design Museum in London, and Yoon Ahn – Creative Director of Ambush and Jewellery Director at Dior Men. We’re looking forward to seeing the inspirational design delivered by the winner of this Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge.