Revival of Tradition
HEXAGON by Mark Braun

If you do not know who Mark Braun is then it’s time to find out. Braun designed the classic watch “Glashütte” for German watchmaker NOMOS and has won many design awards including the Good Design Award, the IF Award, the Red Dot Award and the German Design Award. The young designer has been under the spotlight for years, but he prefers collaborating with different brands and working on different projects. For the latest project, he was commissioned by German firm Mühle to design the HEXAGON shaving set. The range follows the appearance of traditional shaving tools, but is revived with a contemporary look.

Founded in 1945, Mühle has a history of over 50 years in selling skincare and grooming products, emphasising hand made and sustainable goods. The HEXAGON shaving set includes a razor, a shaving brush and a stand. While the set is inspired by traditional products, the handle is made of anodised aluminium instead the traditional wood for a more modern look and touch. Additionally, the hexagonal profile of the handle offers practical elements to ensure ergonomics, grip, and functionality. The range can best be described as a combination of tradition, technology and sustainability.

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