Revisiting The Legend
1968 Toyota 2000GT

It’s easy to forget that some modern-day Japanese automotive giants were once completely avant-garde and created highly collectable vehicles, as we tend to think of them as quality everyday mass-market vehicle manufacturers and not too much else. One of the finest masterpieces in Japanese automotive history though, the Toyota 2000GT, is currently available at auction and is looking for its new owner.

The Toyota 2000GT was a collaboration between Toyota and Yamaha back in the 1960s. It was Yamaha that came up with the original concept design, which the company then tried to offer to Nissan but was not taken up. In the end, Yamaha had come to an agreement with Toyota, and the concept car debuted in 1965, with the manufacturing duties handled by Yamaha from February 1967 to October 1970.

The 1968 Toyota 2000GT available on Bring a Trailer is one of the rare 351 examples produced during that period. Featuring the chassis number MF10-10101, it’s one of 109 left-hand-drive examples. The 1,988cc DOHC inline-six features triple Mikuni-Solex carburettors and is paired with five-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. The streamlined, white exterior is adorned with contrasting black accents such as black side mirrors and window frames. The interior looks to be very well maintained with black seats and wooden steering wheel and dashboard, a signal-seeking radio, and a rally clock.

At the time of writing, the current bid is placed at US$ 513,000, which is bound to increase substantially over the coming days.