Return Of The British Van
Morris JE electric van

The original Morris J-type is one of the iconic commercial vans in Britain. Now thanks to a new startup named Morris Commercial, the distinctive model will return to the road as a fully electric car with plenty of carbon fibre.

The boxy van was first introduced in 1948 in London. Falling into the light commercial vehicle category, it was successful in the 1950s and usually dressed in vibrant colours and big logos for advertising and promotional campaigns. It was also used by the authorities and public services in its low-key, original form. Its production ceased in the 1960s and the company went defunct in the 1970s, but before that the van was sold to over 22 countries and to this day you may occasionally see one disguised as an ice cream van in Britain.

The original Morris J-type was fitted with a 1476 cc inline four-cylinder engine. Now under the new name Morris JE, the full EV aims to revive the style without being an exact replica. Other than featuring carbon fibre body for keeping it light, Morris JE will also have a brand new modular chassis that is lightweight and potentially serving other models. The battery pack will support long-range drive but specifications will be released by end of the year when the vehicle is fully revealed.