Return of The ‘B’
Bentley ‘Flying B’ Mascot

Nowadays not many luxury cars feature an ornament on the bonnet. The most recognisable one is definitely the Spirit of Ecstasy on every Rolls-Royce, but there was a time when Bentley loved to showcase its mascot too.

Designed by Charles Sykes and looked the same from both sides of the car, the original upright Flying B was first seen almost 90 years ago on a 1930 model 8 Litre and was offered as an option. It wasn’t a popular choice back then as many car owners believed just having the flat winged Bentley badge, commissioned by company founder W.O. Bentley in 1919 and designed by English artist F. Gordon Crosby, would be good enough. Fun fact: each side of the wings has a different number of feathers so it’s more difficult to copy.

Now the latest incarnation of the Flying B ornament will grace the bonnet of the new Flying Spur, the first time as seen on a modern Bentley four-door Grand Tourer. The newly designed mascot has evolved into a more contemporary silhouette, and is now electronically retractable and can even be illuminated. See the new Flying B in real life when delivery for the latest Flying Spur begins next year.