Return Of A World Champion
F1 22 updates

The 2022 Formula 1 season is running towards the end with just three Grand Prix races remaining, but it’s safe the say to say that for the F1 22 racing game, the Codemasters team is still pushing to offer more content updates.

Added earlier this month is the Formula 2 2022 season update, with the current team and driver roster available for free for all players. While Felipe Dragovich took the 2022 drivers’ champion in Monza in real life, gamers can easily take on one of the 22 drivers to rewrite the season virtually.

For fans of McLaren, the team’s Future Mode livery seen at the Singapore and Japan Grands Prix is available for a limited time. While the futuristic livery will be changed back to the standard one some time in November, it will appear in the game again as a free download later in December.

With the Podium Pass Series 3, two-time World Champion Mika Häkkinen is now available as a My Team Icon, and the Flying Finn can compete against existing Icons including old rival Michael Schumacher for F1 22 Champions Edition players. As Häkkinen is a limited redeemable Icon, make sure he is added to your game via in-game message by 7th November.

The game has tied in with the Austin Grand Prix, too, with a customisable Stars and Stripes livery, and the fun Griddy dance that can be applied to custom drivers as their podium celebration. With 30 brand new Free and VIP tiers, the third series of Podium Pass certainly brings plenty of stunning items waiting to be unlocked.