Retro Van Conversion
New Citroën Type HG

The Citroën HY panel van was launched back in 1947, with production lasting more than three decades. Today its unique body panels have turned the model into an iconic symbol of the marque. The HY was also meant to be produced as a smaller version called the Type G, but while a prototype was built in 1948, it never went into production.

Back in 2017, Italian coachbuilders Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer brought an old Citroën HY up to modern standards with a complete body kit developed on the Citroën Jumper van platform. Now they are ready to offer the same treatment to the Type G.

Dubbed the Type HG, the smaller van model is built on the Citroën Jumpy and Spacetourer series. Owners can select from three wheelbases, then decide to opt for a passenger, crew cab, or panel van. All drive variants are available ranging from diesel to fully electric, and the passenger van can even be transformed into a retro camper.

As with the previous Type H conversion kit, the Type HG will be manufactured under license from Citroën at Caselani in Italy in limited quantities.