Retro Styled Cruising
Seven Seas Hermes Speedster E

Runabout boats and sports cars share a lot of similarities. Both are, in theory at least, more than what is neccisary to get from A to B. Take this Hermes Speedster Electric from Seven Seas Yachts for instance. It doesn’t need to be so sleek, so beautiful, and so well appointed to get up to five passengers from one side of Lake Como to the other, but it is.

The stunning Hermes Speedster takes references from the 1959 Porsche 356 convertible, as well as the gentleman-style runabout boats of the 1930s. From the natural curved, dynamic lines of the exterior, the exquisitely handcrafted wooden panels and other components of the interior, to the convertible top that opens in just a few seconds, this boat is designed and built with attention to detail in mind.

The electric version of the runabout, the Hermes Speedster E, is powered by a 100 kW electric motor paired with a 30 kWh battery pack. Not only is it silent and produces zero-emissions, it can hit a maximum speed of 45 mph — the Rotax engine-powered Speedster.  Seven Seas Yachts claims the battery pack is sufficient for up to nine hours of cruising at a casual speed of 6 mph.